Course curriculum


  • What will I learn from this course?

    The course contains four modules which will guide you through the essential skills for painting watercolour coasts and how to apply them. 'Trees' includes colour mixing and value, plus techniques for drawing and painting trees. 'Seas' includes laying flat and gradated washes, plus ways to paint the different moods of the sea. 'Land and Sky' includes wet-in-wet painting, glazing and methods to create texture for rocks, sand, wood and grass. 'Coastlines' covers composition, creating a focal point and using colour, value and movement in your art.

  • Who is this course for?

    The course is aimed at beginning watercolour artists and those who want to practice and consolidate the fundamentals. If you're new to watercolours, you'll learn essential skills which you can then apply to paint anything! If you've been painting with watercolour for a while but continue to be frustrated by muddy colours, blooms and back runs, streaky washes or paints that are too thick or too wishy-washy, then you'll also find the content of this course valuable.

  • Will this course fit around my work schedule?

    Absolutely. Whilst the course is organised into four weeks, you can work through it at your own pace. You have lifetime access to the course materials, so you can return to the content as many times as you like.

  • I hate colour-mixing drills. Are you going to make me paint lots of tiny squares?

    No! Honing the fundamentals doesn't have to be boring. We'll practice essential skills in creative and fun ways. We'll create simple and enjoyable artworks to practice each technique. You can copy my demonstrations if you choose, plus you'll also find ideas for how you can adapt and personalise each activity to make your creations unique.

  • Will I learn to paint like you?

    I'll be sharing a wide range of techniques, including how I use white outlines, draw trees and create movement as part of 'my' style. You'll also learn a range of other techniques and how to apply them. The class will help you along the path to finding your own unique voice and learning how to paint like you!

  • What currency is the course price?

    The course is $49 US. When you click the 'Purchase' button, Paypal will show you the price converted into your own currency.